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外籍人士购房流程 买卖双方签署买卖合同→买方到成都市政务服务中心房产分中心进行审批→买卖双方提交过户相关资料→买卖双方办理房屋产权过户手续→ 领取房屋产权证。

满足以下条件,你就能在成都买房 在中国境内工作或学习满一年; 取一个中文名字,并在签署合同时写上中文和外文名。

你能在成都购置房产的套数为:1套 外籍人士能在成都购买的楼盘必须具有外销资格证。

你需要准备这些材料 护照 在中国的居留证或工作证、居住证 经公证的中外文名字对照 Tips:提供的材料如委托书、同意书等必须经中国境内外机构公证、认证后方为有效。备齐材料,你便可前往成都市政务服务中心房产分中心进行备案 、审批。



你也可以贷款买房 可持居住证向中国的银行申请商业贷款。银行贷款有多种选择,币种上既可选择外币也可选择人民币。所需材料:身份证明、首付证明、收入证明、学历证明及资信证明、婚姻证明(结婚证或单身证明)、《授权委托书》(需通过中国驻各国使领馆认证)。

In recent years, the number of multinational companies in Chengdu has been growing rapidly, leading to a sharp increase in the number of foreigners settling down here. According to a survey, more than 80% of foreigners come to live in Chengdu for work. Most of them rent their homes, and the ratio of buying to renting homes is 1:20. However, with further globalization, more expats will choose to buy properties in Chengdu.

Process of buying property for foreigners Buyer and Seller sign a purchase contract → Buyer goes to the Housing Sub-center of Chengdu Government Affairs Service Center for approval→Buyer and Seller submit documents for ownership transfer→ Buyer and Seller handle property ownership transfer procedures→ Obtain the Certificate of Property Ownership

You may buy your property in Chengdu if the following requirements are satisfied You have worked or studied in domestic China for at least one year; Get a Chinese name, and write both your name in Chinese and name in native language.

The number of properties you can buy in Chengdu: 1 Only certified real estates agencies can sell house properties to foreigners.

You need to prepare the following materials Passport Residence permit, work permit, or permit to stay Notarized bilingual names Tips: the documents submitted, such as the power of attorney and the letter of consent, must be notarized or certified by a domestic or overseas organization. With all documents well prepared, you may go to the Housing Sub-center of Chengdu Government Affairs Service Center for accreditation and approval.

Main service window: National Security Bureau window

Add: Housing Sub-center, 32 Xihuanmen Street, Chengdu

You may obtain a loan for purchasing a property You can apply for a commercial loan from the Bank of China with your permit to stay. There are multiple choices for bank loans, offered in both foreign currencies and CNY. Documents required: a certificate of identification, down payment certificate, income certificate, diploma and credit certificate, marital status certificate (marriage certificate or single status certificate), and "Power of Attorney" (should be certified by Chinese embassies or consulates overseas).