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成都,自然禀赋优越,冬无严寒、夏无酷暑,水旱从人、时无饥馑,自古享有“天府之国”的美誉。 依据可考历史,成都的建城史早自2300多年前已开始,是中国城名不改、城址未迁时间最长的城市。“一年成聚,两年成邑,三年成都”,成都之名由此得来并沿用至今。 两千余年来,这座城市随时光演进孕育了灿烂悠久的文化:诗仙李白笔下“九天开出一成都,万户千门入画图”的“宜人之城”、曾令马可·波罗流连忘返的“繁华之城”、发明世界上最早纸币“交子”的“创业之城”、以七彩蜀锦联通欧亚的南丝路起点之城……都是天府之都在历史中积淀的深厚魅力。 如今的成都,除不断延续历史人文魅力,更展现出国家中心城市的风度和气派:中国西部的经济中心、科技中心、文创中心、对外交往中心、综合交通枢纽。一个个国家赋予的重要定位让成都稳步提高城市的整体素养。此外,“美食之都”的麻辣鲜香吸引了全球游客味蕾;大熊猫自然栖息地成为良好生态环境的代言;高于中国平均水平1.4个百分点的经济增速,成为中国大陆经济发展的“第四极”…… 魅力天府的历史,有待你慢慢了解;至美成都的未来,望有你一起亲历。

Chengdu is endowed with rich natural resources and enjoys pleasant temperature all year round. As it is free from flood, drought and famine, Chengdu has been reputed as the "Land of Abundance". According to written history, the construction of Chengdu stayed as early as over 2,300 years ago. It is a city whose name has never been changed and which has never been relocated throughout history. According to history, Chengdu (literally, becoming a city) was named because "it grew into a settlement after one year's development, a county after two years' development and a city after three years' development." This city has nourished splendid culture in its over 2,000 years' development course. Chengdu, the Land of Abundance, has nourished splendid and time-honored culture in its development course of over 2,000 years. It has long been a charming city. For instance, Chengdu is described by Li Bai(one of the celebrated poets in Tang Dynasty known as Poet Immortal), as a "pleasant city", which can be indicated from his line: "Chengdu, a paradise-like and beautiful place, is home to thousands of households." Marco Polo once defined it as a "prosperous city" which made people linger on with no thought of leaving. Chengdu is a city of entrepreneurship, where the earliest currency, Jiaozi, was issued. It is also the starting point of the Southern Silk Road, reaching out to the world through Shu Brocade. Today's Chengdu, apart from its unique historic and cultural charm, begins to project an air of magnificence as a major city in China. Chengdu now serves as the economic center, the science and technology harbor, the international exchange center, the cultural innovation city and the transportation hub of western China... key priorities given by the central government help Chengdu improve her overall quality in a stable and constant way. On top of that, this City of Gastronomy, known for its tasty and spicy food, is attracting foodies from all over the world. Being the habitat of giant pandas proves its sound ecological environment. The economic growth pace of Chengdu is higher than national average by 1.4 percentage points, making it the "fourth pole" of economic development in mainland China. You will have much to learn about the history of this charming Land of Abundance; you are more than welcomed to witness the future of beautiful Chengdu.