Driving in Chengdu


 If you have lived long enough in Chengdu, you must find that means of transportation are very diversified now. Buying one's own motor vehicle is now the choice of many foreigners for easier travelling. A driver's license is absolutely necessary either for driving a car or riding a motorcycle. As China is not one party of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic, an international driver's license does not work in China. To be a legitimate and safe driver in Chengdu, you are supposed to hold a Chinese driver's license in your hands.

If you apply for a driver's license for the first time Register at a driving school → learning → online reservation for the tests → sit for the tests (Subject 1): the test on laws, regulations and knowledge of road traffic safety; Subject 2: the test on field driving skills; and Subject 3: the test on road driving skills and safe and responsible driving knowledge) → Obtain the driver's license.

If you hold a driver's license abroad Documents required "Application Form for Drivers' License" (Download it at the official site of Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau: www.cdjg.gov.cn, or get a copy at the information desk of the Municipal Office of Motor Vehicles); Master copy and photocopy of the applicant's valid identification certificate, including: a passport or other travelling permit held by the applicant when entering China, a valid visa or residence permit or permit to stay for a period of more than three months, an accommodation registration certificate approved and issued by public security organs, and valid certificate of identification issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for personnel in foreign embassies, consulates and international organizations' offices in China; Master copy and photocopy of driver's license and its Chinese translation issued by authorized translation organizations; 3 recently taken, bareheaded, white set color photos of 1 inch size; Certificate of health condition issued by medical institutions of county-level or above, or of regiment-level or above in the armed forces (valid for 6 months). Take the health check for drivers at hospitals of county-level or above, and obtain such certificate (valid for 6 months). Fill out "Driver's License Application Form" at the service window of Motor Vehicles Office and make a reservation for the written test.  Add: Guoning Village, Xipu Township, Pidu District, Chengdu  Available languages for Subject One: Mandarin, French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German, Korean and Arabic. Pass the tests and obtain your driver's license in China!